Joy...Is it a mood? Or a state of mind?

If you asked most people they would tell you they want to be happy. They strive to do things, buy things and go places that they believe will make them happy. But have you ever noticed that no matter what they do (or what YOU do for that matter) happiness is fleeting. You can go on the best trip, buy the most expensive purse or have the most fun you've ever had but happiness will always go away. That's because happiness, like all feelings, is a temporary state. It's a moo

When the unexpected . . .

It is our innate biological drive to try and order and organize the world for ourselves. It is so biologically driven that we do it all the time without even thinking. Imagine how much energy we would expend to make every tiny decision all day long. So our brain protects us from the stress of considering things that are less probable. Our brains create schemas - some sense of order which guide our thoughts, beliefs and expectations as we move through the day. But what ha

Self Love

Valentine's Day is a day that can be tough for many people. Our capitalistic world tells us in order to feel loved on February 14 someone, other than ourselves, must do something elaborate to demonstrate that love for the world to see. People spend money they can't afford to make us, and themselves, feel like they have kept up with the Joneses. Women feel bad about themselves if their partner doesn't give them something that they can post on social media to show the world

When is it time to get a therapist?

Whether we realize it or not we actually seek help all the time. We talk to our friends, our family, our clergy and sometimes even total strangers on the street when there is something on our minds. We call this using our natural resources. Using the support of the people around us helps us get through the day or other trying times. So how do we know when we need to seek out professional help? Well, if you're wanting more than your natural supports can provide therapy mig