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Joy...Is it a mood? Or a state of mind?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

If you asked most people they would tell you they want to be happy. They strive to do things, buy things and go places that they believe will make them happy. But have you ever noticed that no matter what they do (or what YOU do for that matter) happiness is fleeting. You can go on the best trip, buy the most expensive purse or have the most fun you've ever had but happiness will always go away. That's because happiness, like all feelings, is a temporary state. It's a mood. And moods come and go depending on the situation. So when something else happens happiness can easily be replaced by sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt or any other number of feelings. So, Dr. T, what are you saying? Shouldn't I want to be happy? Of course, you should want to be happy. But rather than striving to be happy I am suggesting that you (and I) strive to experience joy. Joy is a much more stable sense of being. Joy comes from a place deep within.

Joy is a choice. Joy comes when we find our center, our peace. Some people find joy in their spiritual connection. Others find it in meditation or other centering practices. When we find joy we can withstand the ups and downs of life's situations. Joy can coexist with any mood. That means even in the midst of your darkest places you can still experience joy. That's a wonderful thing because there will always be ups and most assuredly there will be downs. When you have joy the ups are more meaningful and the downs are less painful. So let's stop trying to be happy. Let's learn to enjoy the happy moments while we strive for joy. Let's let joy fill our hears and souls so that when the downs come it is easier to weather any storm. Make a commitment today to start living in joy. Make a decision to hold onto to your joy even in what seems like your darkest hour. Make a commitment to remind yourself that happiness is a wonderful but temporary feeling and what really matters is the peace and calm in which you will find your joy. Won't you join me?

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