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Enhancing your strategies to realizing A Better World

Does your organization want to create A Better World.  If your organization could improve what and how you connect with key partners (employees, customers, students, parents, etc.), this might be the service for you.  Are you struggling to have important conversations that impact your ability to create A Better World?   Is there is a misalignment of values and strategies?  Is staff development a vital need?  Let's talk about what challenges are preventing your organization from obtaining the success and impact you'd like.  Let's generate effective solutions and strategies together.

Education and Training

Translating complex concepts into useable information to help build A Better World

Lecture, seminar and discussion formats designed to deliver timely relevant information that builds your team and its capacity.  Community health, child development, effective parenting, trauma, behavioral health challenges, health equity and a host of other topics customized to your needs.  Just ask!

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Personal Development

Finding your own way to create A Better World

Life coaching you can use! A holistic approach invoking the physical, emotional and spiritual self to harness your greatness. We aim to support women (and men) as they travel this thing called life.  Navigate the multiple demands of personal and professional life. Reconnect with your purpose and passion. Think through personal or professional transitions. Develop your own leadership skills and strengths. Figure out how to (or reconnect) your passion and your person. Virtual or in person support/guidance to help you identify, reconnect and achieve your goals. We take clients worldwide!

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Leadership Development

Building capacity that creates A Better World

Even natural born leaders need support, direction and guidance from time to time. Is your business or organization looking to invest in s small group of individuals to support the organization's and the individual's growth?  We can help.  Maybe you want to organize a group with individuals from more than one organization to build together.  We can help.  And, yes, if you're an individual we can match you.  Groups form intermittently so let us know if you're an individual who's like to be considered for our next cohort.

Sister Circles

Creating the space you need to dig into life's challenges

You are not alone. Many women are trying to figure out some of the same issues and challenges you face.  Sister circles create a safe space for women to begin to join each other along the journey to unpack what life is throwing at you.  The power of each women is harnessed to move the whole group to new levels of understanding and personal fulfillment.

Services: Services
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